Channel Listing Actions

A new way to use Acenda to have full control of how you manage each listing at a marketplace.  Instead of booleans to manage items Yes/No for a marketplace - now you have the ability to tell Acenda exactly how you want each listing's existence to be at the marketplace.

Supported Marketplaces:

  • Target+

How to enable

Go to your marketplace in Acenda and resave the service.  You will now see two new fields be present on your items.  

  • product.[channel]_listing_action
  • variant.[channel]_listing_action

Proceed to update these new fields across your entire catalog within Acenda.  These fields must be set at BOTH product and variant levels.  Acceptable values are as follows:

FULL: Use the value FULL to indicate that you would like Acenda to fully manage this item at the marketplace.  This includes Content, Inventory & Price related information.

ZERO: Use this value if you want Acenda to setup and manage items at the marketplace and force inventory to be 0.

UNLIST:  Use this value if you want Acenda to completely remove this item from the marketplace.  This is sometimes also referred to as retirement.  *Please note that depending on the marketplace this can be a permanent action, so be very sure that you want this item removed.


Once you have updated all of your items with the appropriate listing actions for the marketplace, go back to your marketplace service and click the checkbox to use listing actions.



  • The query that you were using in your marketplace service has now become obsolete.  Listing actions, when enabled, is the only thing that determines relevancy to a marketplace.
  • Typically after you save the service to enable listing actions it is best to also run the update_channel_wall function.  Click Run.
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