Manage Price Promotions at Marketplaces


Learn how to automate and schedule price promotions at marketplaces.

1. Visit your Acenda Admin tool

a. Click Services > Service Library

b. Locate the "Promo Pricing" service and click + Add Service.

2. Complete the following form with your FTP information.  If you do not have your own FTP service then please reach out to your Acenda account manager and request an FTP service. 



3. Create a CSV file that contains your promo pricing with the following fields:


a. Field Values

sku: enter your variant sku value

field: identity which variant price field you would like to control, eg. price, price_target, price_amazon

is_active: true = the promotion is active; false: set to false if you want to cancel an existing promotion. 

start_price: the promotion price. Remove the "$" symbol. It's okay to have start dates in the past. 

end_price: the price when the promotion ends. Remove the "$" symbol.

start_date: the start date/time in Pacific Standard Time (PST). We recommend that you set the start date/time to 1 hour prior to the actual promotion start date-time.  This will allow the various systems enough time to process your feed.

end_date: the end date/time in Pacific Standard Time.

b. Using MS Excel save your CSV file with the "File Prefix" entered in the FTP settings, above. Please use only lowercase letters in your file name. Allow up to 15 minutes for Acenda to process your promo feeds. 

Example. promo_12222022.csv

c. Upload this file to the FTP directory that you entered in the FTP settings above.

4. There are two ways to view existing price promotions in Acenda Admin:  1) Admin > Channels > "Promos" 2) Admin > Products > Products > Edit a product > "Promos" tab



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