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This article will walk you through the process of adding a Promo Sale widget to your templates.

To add a Promo Sale widget follow the steps below:

Add Widget

  1. From the dashboard click Content.

  2. Then click Widget Library.

    The Widget Library page displays. Locate the Promo Sale widget tile.

  3. Click Add Widget.

Styling Your Widget

  1. From the dashboard click Content.

  2. Then click My Widgets.

  3. Locate the Promo Sale widget and click Edit.

    The Widget: Promo Sale page displays.

  4. Edit your Widget Settings.

    Title: The title of your widget.

    Images: You can upload multiple images that will be placed into an array titled ‘images’ to be used in the Twig Template. You can add a caption, alt-text, and a link to the images as well.

    Slug: The identifier for your widget.

    Tags: Additional identifiers for your widget you can use in rendering the widget.

    Data Queries: Use the Query Builder to build your own data queries. Enter the model you’d like to query under Model Name. For instance, if your widget is a featured products widget, you would enter ‘product’. The model alias is a descriptive name you give your query such as ‘featured products’.

    Parameters: Variables that will instantiate when your widget is rendered. Enter the name of the parameter to be used in the Twig Template and the value to instantiate. You can edit the values after the parameters are saved in the top right column of the widget editor.

    The default parameters are promo_title, promo_subtitle, and promo_link, which provide a title, subtitle, and link to your promo sale category.

    Sort Position: The position on the page your widget will appear in relation to other widgets. Lower values signify a higher up position.

    Publish Date: The date you wish your widget to be published to the page. Leave blank and check the ‘Publish’ box to publish immediately.

    Publish End Date: The date you wish to remove your widget from the page. Leave blank if you do not wish to de-publish your widget at any time.

    Publish: Check the box if you want to publish your widget.

  5. When done click Save.

Add Widget to Template

  1. From the dashboard click Themes.

  2. Then click Installed Themes.

  3. The Template page displays.

  4. Browse to the twig template that you would like the Promo Sale widget to appear on.

  5. Using the template editor move your cursor to the section of the twig template where you want to insert the Promo Sale widget.

  6. In the footer of the screen, use the Select a Widget dropdown menu and choose Promo Sale.

  7. Click Insert Widget.

    The Promo Sale widget will now appear within your twig template.

  8. Click Save.

  9. When you are ready to deploy the changes, click Deploy.

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