Site Settings: BriteVerify Email Verification


BriteVerify Email Verification ensures that an email address actually exists in real-time without ever sending a message.

To enable the BriteVerify integration follow the steps below:

Create a BriteVerify Account

  1. Create a BriteVerify account.

  2. From the dashboard, click API Keys.

    The API Keys page will display.

  3. Scroll down to the API Keys section and copy the values for Backend API Key.

Apply BriteVerify Email Verification Settings

  1. From the dashboard click Settings.

  2. Then click Site Settings.

    The Site Settings page displays.

  3. Click the Emails Tab.

    The Mail Settings page displays. BriteVerify is the second set of options shown.

  4. Paste the Backend API Key from your BriteVerify account.

  5. Click Save.

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