Connect to eBay Stores (Fixed Price Marketplace)


Our native integration with eBay Stores allows you to sync your items and inventory in real time with eBay plus seamlessly receive and update orders.

To Connect your portal to your account, follow the steps below:

  1. From the dashboard click Services.

  2. Then click Services Library.

    The Service Library displays.

  3. Locate the eBay service tile.

  4. Click Add Service.

    + Enlarge Graphic

  5. Enter the Service details:

    • Status: Toggle the eBay service on or off.
    • Title: Add a name to the service, eg. eBay Marketplace
    • Query: Filter the products that you wish to list on eBay.
    • eBay Authorization Email: Enter a valid email address that you have access to. This does not need to be the email address associated with your eBay account.
    • Inventory Ceiling: Limits the total quantity we send to eBay for each sku. This is primarily used to help large sellers with tons of inventory deal with eBay’s arbitrary selling limits. Any sku’s inventory value below this limit will be sent as the real value - but anything over is capped to this amount.
    • Warehouse Name: Enter a name associated with the warehouse where goods will ship from.
    • Warehouse Address: Enter the Street Address of the warehouse that your goods will ship from. This is used to determine transit time for orders.
    • Warehouse City: Enter the City of the warehouse that your goods will ship from.
    • Warehouse State: Enter the State of the warehouse that your goods will ship from.
    • Warehouse Postal Code: Enter the Postal Code of the warehouse that your goods will ship from.
    • Merchant Location Key: Create a key value for the warehouse location, eg. “mainwarehouse” (one word; lowercase; no spaces; alphanumeric; no special characters). You will need to enter this key value later into your ebay Posting Templates. ("Base" tab > "Merchant Location Key" > select "Static String" value type > [enter the key value here, eg. mainwarehouse).
    • Disable Item Setup: Check if you want to prevent Acenda from creating new item listings on eBay.
    • Image Entropy: Changing the value here will force ebay to re-download all of your images.
  6. Click Save.

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