Step-By-Step Integration Guide

The step-by-step process for integrating to and selling on Our industry-leading native integration allows you to perform all critical channel management operations, including:

  • Create new Walmart listings directly from your portal in a number of categories.
  • Sync product details, variants and images to your Walmart Seller account.
  • Sync inventory to your Amazon listings.
  • Fulfill and manage Walmart orders directly from your portal.
  • Set pricing and reserve or limit inventory just for Walmart listings.
  • Streamlined error handling for increased efficiency.

For each step, please review its linked article for additional information.

  1. Apply for a Marketplace Account.

  2. When approved, create your Walmart Seller Account and complete the registration requirements.

  3. Complete your Walmart Partner Profile. The Partner Profile section of the General Settings menu provides access to the following pages:

    • Company Info
    • Customer Service
    • Shipping
    • Returns
    • Privacy Policy
    • Tax Info
  4. Add the Walmart Sales Channel to your portal. This will connect the accounts to each other.

  5. Create matching shipping methods to your Walmart Account in your portal.

  6. Map your shipping methods between Walmart and your portal.

  7. Create posting templates for Walmart products you want to add to your Walmart store.

  8. Select which products to enable for

    • To do so, navigate to Admin > Products > Products.

    • Click the Edit button for the items you wish to enable.

    • Navigate to the Custom tab and click the Walmart_Enabled field.

    • Enter the name of the applicable posting template for the product.

    • Click Save.

    Enabling Variants

    • You can also enable the variant level. Navigate to the Variants tab.

    • Scroll down to the Variants section.

    • Click the Edit button.

      The Variant page displays.

    • Navigate to the bottom of the Variants page and click the Walmart_enabled field.

    • Click Save.

  9. Place test orders in your Walmart Seller Account.

  10. Confirm you are ready to launch and request to go live.

  11. Start Selling!

If you have any questions or for help along the way, please contact us.

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