In Stock Email

The In Stock Email service allows you to design the email template that is used to notify customers when an item is back in stock.

From the Dashboard, click Services, then click Service Library.

Scroll down until you find In Stock Email, then click + Add Service.

Click the slider to activate the service, then give the service a title to distinguish it.

The default template includes your store logo (you can upload a logo under Settings > Site Settings), a statement that the item is back in stock with the item name, and then the item name as a clickable link to the item page.

You can edit the template using html in the black box or rich text in the white box below it.

  • H1 – H6 are different heading formats
  • P starts a new paragraph
  • Pre stands for preformatted text, which makes any text, including code, appear as is in the final document
  • ” indicates blockquote, which will indent the following text from the left and right margins
  • </> toggles between html and rich text
  • The picture icon inserts an image from a url your specify
  • The link icon inserts a link from a url you specify. To create a hyperlink, highlight the image or text you want to be clickable, then click the link icon.
  • The play icon inserts a video from a url you specify

Some useful code:

  • {{storeLogo}} will generate your store logo
  • {{variantName}} will generate the item name
  • {{variantUrl}} will generate the item URL

When you are done making changes, click Save in the bottom right corner.

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