Channel Reconciliation

The Channel Reconciliation report displays the reconciliation information for orders from any supported channel (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.).

From the Dashboard, click Channels, then click Reconciliation.

You will see a list of amounts debited/credited to your account from all orders placed. You can search each field using the white boxes below their names.

  • Channel: The channel the order is from.
  • Channel Order ID: The order ID used by the corresponding channel. Click this number to be taken to the order page under Orders.
  • SKU: The item SKU used by the channel. Click this number to be taken to the product page under Products.
  • Entry Type: The type of credit or debit to the account, such as principal, shipping, or return postage.
  • Amount: The amount of credit or debit. Credits appear in green and debits in red.
  • Reconciliation Source: The report ID of the reconciliation data source.
  • Date: The date the amount was received/debited.

To export the results to a CSV, click the green box Export Results to CSV.

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