Service Event Log

When this service is installed, any time a service event is fired (i.e. order placed, variant saved, etc.) the information as well as the event payload (the details of the event) is logged to the event log. It is a great tool for people who want to build external apps and who want to see the payload without the need to implement anything.

From the Dashboard, click Services then click Service Library.

Click Add Service on the Service Event Log box. You will be taken to the Settings page. Click the Status slider to activate the service, enter a title to distinguish it from other services, and enter a sample credential, a message which will be logged with every entry.

When you are finished click Save at the bottom right to save your Service Event Log. The new service will show up under My Services under the Service heading in the Dashboard.

In the My Services tab you can edit the service by clicking Edit or delete it by clicking Delete.

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