Channel Errors

The Channel Error section gives information on errors associated with item listings, such as error type and message, sku, channel (e.g. Ebay), and whether the error is fatal.

  1. From the dashboard click Channels.
  2. Then click Errors.

    Catalog Breakdown by Channel

    This chart gives a breakdown of successful listings, notices, and fatal errors for each channel. You can hover your cursor over each histogram to show the amount of each listing/error.

    Export Results to CSV

    Click this button to download the error table to a CSV file.

    Error Table Columns

    • Date: The day and time on which the error was generated.
    • Channel: The marketplace/channel on which the error was generated.
    • Error Source: The source which detected the error.

      • Channel: The channel, e.g. Ebay, detected the error.
      • Integration: Acenda’s system detected the error.
      • Channel-quality: The error originated from the Amazon listing quality report.
    • SKU: The SKU of the item which generated the error. You can click on each SKU to take you to that SKU’s Product Page.
    • Is Fatal: A 1 means the error is fatal, and a 0 means it is not fatal.
    • Attribute Path: The attribute (e.g. color, image) which the error relates to.
    • Error Message: The specifics of the error and instruction on how to fix it.
    • Search: Each column has a search box at the top allowing you to search and filter the errors.
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