Integrate with Shopify (Plus)


Your store natively integrates with Shopify and Shopify Plus. Orders, Inventory and Shipments will automatically sync.

Prior to integrating with your store, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your MyShopify Admin.

  2. Click Apps from the left menu.

  3. Then click Develop apps.

  4. Then click on Create an app
  5. Complete the following form with this information:

    App name: Enter "Acenda"

  6. In the "Overview" tab click on the Configure Admin API scopes
  7. Admin API access scopes: Set all permissions to "Read and write" where available. 
    Click Save once completed.

  8. After you click Save from step 7. There will be a green Install App that will appear. (It was a grey button previously).
  9. Upon successful install you should have been taken to the "Api credentials" tab. Where you will be presented with the following screen:
  10. The next steps involve interacting with the above screen to "Reveal token once" and copy your API key to put in Acenda.  We aren't ready for this step just yet. Proceed on to the next portion of this section to learn how to install the Shopify App within Acenda.

To setup integration with Shopify follow the steps below:

  1. From the dashboard click Services.

  2. Then click Service Library.

    The Service Library page displays.

  3. Locate the Shopify V2 service and click Add Service.

  4. Enter the Service details:

    Status: Set to "Active" to activate.

    Title: A friendly title name for the service (eg. Shopify Integration).

    Shopify Store Name: Enter the prefix for your Shopify store (eg. mystorename). Do not include (example: --> mystorename). Also if your Shopify Store Name has spaces in it then replace the spaces with hyphens (example: my store name --> my-store-name).

    API Key: This was generated up above at Step 9. Copy and paste these values into the fields API Key and Password:mceclip2.png

    Field in Acenda:


    Password: Click the "Reveal token once" for the Admin API access token and then paste the value from this field into the acenda admin field "Password" within the Shopify V2 install.

    Order Direction: The direction of order synchronization (e.g. Shopify -> Acenda indicates orders are read from Shopify and pushed to Acenda).

    Shipping Direction: The direction of shipping synchronization. Acenda -> Shopify would mean tracking information inserted into Acenda would flow to Shopify as a fulfillment.

    Inventory Direction: The direction of inventory synchronization.

    Shopify Fulfillment Service Name: Use this feature if Acenda is only responsible for a sub set of orders. First assign a fulfillment service to a product in Shopify. Then enter the service name in the space provided. Acenda will only work with orders that are assigned to that fulfillment service.

  5. Click Save.

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