Configuring Universal Analytics

Step 1

Download the file attached to this guide AcendaUniversalAnalytics.json. This is located at the very bottom of this guide.

Step 2

Navigate to the Admin portion of Google Tag Manager.

Step 3

Click on the Import Container option in the right column.

Step 4

  • Click on the Choose Container File button and use the file you downloaded from this guide AcendaUniversalAnalytics.json.

  • Next you'll need to choose a workspace. Select Existing.

  • This will prompt you to select from all of your workplaces. Odds are there is only one and it is called Default Workplace You should select this option or the name of your current workplace.

  • Next you will choose an import option. You should choose Merge using the Overwrite option. Our tags are named in a custom fashion and shouldn't interfere with anything that you already have in place.

  • Click Confirm to install all of the tags.

Step 5

  • In the workspace admin navigate to the Variables sub menu on the left.

  • In the User Defined variables - select the variable labeled gaProperty.

  • Replace the existing value of TrackingID with your Universal Analytics Tracking ID and then click Save in the upper right.

Step 6

  • Once steps 1-5 are completed. All there is to do now is to Submit and Publish your container.

    • The Submit button is in the Upper Right of Google Tag Manager.
    • Upon submitting you will be taken to the publishing screen where you can add descriptive information about what changes you are publishing in tag manager. Fill this out, click Publish and then you're good to go!


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