Sample Repository Implementation using Acenda SDK

Raw Curl Authentication/Token Generation.


NOTE: Download and open these CURL examples on authentication, tokens and request.

  1. base_example.php
  2. implemeting_example.php

With the exception of the oauth endpoint, all requests are made to a url following this structure:{store_hash}/api/{function}?access_token={token}


store_hash is an md5 of the store name (This is the name in the URL of

function corresponds to a method in the api documentation (

Token is the token received after performing request #1 below


Please Note: The sample URLs below will require the information mentioned above changed to work against your test store


1) Generate Oauth Credentials

curl -X POST -d "username=[email]&password=[password]&grant_type=password"





2) Use the refresh token to update your Oauth token when it expires (optional or you could just repeat step 1)

curl -X POST -d "client_id=[email]&refresh_token=7e1786b14b7272270191bea11aae4a311b858c12&grant_type=refresh_token"


3) Return only order id's

curl ""





4) Query an Order for all information

curl ""


5) Query for orders from a specific time frame

curl '\{"date_created":\{"$gt":"2016-08-01T11:48:00-07:00"\}\}



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