Add FreshDesk Customer Service Tool & CRM


Acenda is natively integrated with FreshDesk.  

In conjunction with Acenda, FreshDesk provides leading Customer Service Tools and CRM for multi-channel eCommerce.

To get started follow the steps below:

Setup FreshDesk
1.Visit and create an account.
Acenda Setup
1. From the Acenda dashboard click Services
2. Then click Services Library
The Services Library displays. Locate the eBay services tile.
3. Click Add Service

4. Enter the Service details:

  • Status: Toggle the service on/off
  • Title: A friendly title for the service. This is only for internal purposes. Example: FreshDesk Service
  • API Key: Navigate to your FreshDesk Profile Page (
    • Go to your Your FreshDesk Admin Page
    • Click the square icon on top-right of page > Select Profile Settings
    • Copy/Paste the Your API Key string to the API Key field above
  • Account Name: The account name that is located on your FreshDesk account settings page:
    • Go to your Your FreshDesk Admin Page
    • Click on the Admin tab
    • Click on the Account button
    • Copy/Paste your Account Name to the Account Name field above

5. Click Save

 You can view newly added widgets from the Acenda dashboard by clicking Content > My Widgets

Note: you can edit and duplicate the code from these newly added widgets.  To edit you must click the blue Edit button next to the widget and click on the Advanced Mode link on the widget's page.

6. From the Acenda dashboard click Themes

7. Then click Template Editor
The TEMPLATES page displays.
8. Open the Template Editor and browse to the twig template that you wish to insert the widget on. In this example, we will add it to our footer.html.twig template
9. Move your cursor to where you want to insert the FreshDesk widget. 
10. Use the Select Widget dropdown menu and click the Insert Widget button

11. Click Save

12. Click Deploy

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