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Acenda is natively integrated with Marketplace.  

This allows you to fully sync products (create new products & update existing products), orders, inventory, fulfillment (shipping feed), errors, and settlements (reconciliation) with  


To get started follow the steps below:

Setup Walmart Marketplace
1. Apply for a Marketplace account.  
2.Set your Shipping Rates and Sales Tax Settings within Walmart Seller Center.    
3. Add the USA in Billing Countries (Acenda Admin > Payments > Billing Countries) and Shipping Methods (Acenda Admin > Settings > Shipping Methods). 
4. Within you Walmart Marketplace account Navigate to the General Settings > API
5. Copy the the API Key values and keep them safe ready to paste into Acenda in the following steps
Acenda Setup
1. From the Acenda dashboard click Services
2. Then click Services Library
The Services Library displays. Locate the Walmart services tile.
3. Click Add Service

4. Enter the Service details:

  • Title: Enter a name for your service. This is only for internal reference, eg. Walmart Service.
  • Consumer ID: Reference the Client ID created in Walmart Marketplace
  • Private Key: Reference the Client Secret created in Walmart Marketplace
  • Product Query: Filter which products you want to enable for Walmart Marketplace

6. Click Save

7. IMPORTANT: If you would like Acenda to create/build new items on Walmart then you must adjust the Action Interval for the Walmart Service.  The default value is once every 30 years (we do this so that creating items in not active when you first enable your Walmart Service).  Visit Acenda Admin > Services > My Services > Walmart and click the EDIT button.  Adjust the Service Function for walmart_push_catalog interval to be more frequent, eg. once a day, by clicking the Generate Interval button.


8. Select which products to enable for  To do so, navigate to Admin > Products > Products.  Click the Edit button for the items you wish to enable.  Navigate to the Custom tab and click the Walmart_Enabled field.  Alternatively, you can use the Product Import Tool to batch update the Walmart_Enabled field to 1 or 0.


NOTE: You can use the Acenda Import Tool to perform this in bulk.  

9. Now you must set up Channel Posting Templates for each category that you wish to connect.

 10. Create and map Shipping Methods



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