Recurring Exports (Feed Management)


Recurring Exports allows you to easily publish your data to external systems and tools. This is particularly useful for generating Marketing, Fulfillment and Accounting feeds. You can set up multiple instances of Recurring Exports.

To get started follow the steps below:

  1. From the dashboard click Services.

  2. Then click Services Library.

    The Services Library page displays. Locate the Recurring Exports service tile.

  3. Click Add Service.

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  4. Enter the Service details:

    • Status: Slide to enable or disable your service.
    • Title: Create a name for your service.
    • Model: Select the database mode that your want your service to use.
    • Query: Enter the default value: {1:1}
    • One file per row: Select Yes if you want your file output to have only 1 file per row.
    • Only export new rows: Select Yes if you want to only export new records.
    • Destination (FTP): Enter the FTP destination.
    • Destination Path: The directory where you want the files to upload to.
    • File Name: The naming convention that you would like your file to have e.g. order_id_{{id}}.txt
    • Template (Twig): Use Twig to create the template for your export. Review this text file with a sample query for inspiration:

    • Destination Type: Select FTP or sFTP
    • Default Actions: First click the Save button and then reload the page. You can set the frequency interval for your upload.
  5. Click Save.


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