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Acenda can easily be integrated with Facebook Pixel.

Prerequisite Steps:

Sign up for Facebook Pixel:


Follow the instructions. Facebook will generate a Pixel ID:

To setup Facebook pixel follow the steps below:

1. from the Acenda dashboard click Services
2. Then click Services Library
The Services page displays
3. Locate the Facebook Ads Pixel service tile and click Add Service

4. Complete the Service information:

  • Status: Toggle the service on/off
  • Title: A friendly name for the service, eg. Facebook Ads Pixel
  • Pixel ID: Enter the Pixel ID from Step 1 above.
Insert Facebook Base Code
1. From the Acenda dashboard click Themes
2. Then click Template Editor
The TEMPLATES page displays.
+ Enlarge Graphic
3. Navigate to the base.html.twig

Facebook has a standard widget that must be installed into the global header one time for your template.

Using the template editor within Acenda, select a place to insert the widget output, select ‘Facebook Base Code’, and click Insert Widget.

4. Upon subscribing to the Acenda Facebook Pixel integration, a widget was created for each of the default conversions Facebook can track out of the box. 

To track, insert the widget into the template output wherever you want to fire that conversion. Multiple conversions can be tracked on a single page.

5. Deploy your changes


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