Creating a Filter & Query Builder


This article will walk you through the process of creating a Query Filter.


You can filter a list to show only certain results. e.g.

  • Only show Active products,

  • Only show Customers living in Texas,

  • Only show Orders placed after New Years Eve.

You can also create a powerful combination of filter queries. And if you're an advanced user, you can use regular expressions to build a query.

To learn how to create a filter follow the steps below:

  1. From the dashboard navigate to a Product, Order or Customer list page.

    NOTE: You can select, edit, or delete a default filter from the list e.g. Active.

  2. From the header section of the screen click Filter.

  3. Then click Create New Filter.

    The Query Builder page displays. The default tab is Query, click another tab to toggle between the different query builder functions.

    Enter a Name for your query in the Name field.

    Query Tab

    This is an advance feature. Use regular expressions to query the database.

    Build Tab

    Design your own Filter query with our easy to use query builder. You can add AND and OR expressions, and drag and drop to make nested rules.

    NOTE: We suggest experimenting with the query builder. Don't worry, you won't break anything. You can return to the Query tab to view the regular expression of the query you built in the builder.

    Test Tab

    After you create your query, click the Test tab test to see the results.

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