Product Reviews


This article will walk you through the process of reviewing and publishing Product Reviews.


Below is an example of a Product Review.

Source: Amazon

To manage product reviews follow the steps below:

  1. From the dashboard click Products.

  2. Then click Product Reviews.

    The Product Reviews page displays. Reviews are listed in descending Data/Time order.

  3. Open an individual review by clicking Edit.

    The Product Review displays.

  4. Edit the review as required before publishing:

    • Status:

      • Pending: The initial state of a review. We recommend removing any profanities or external links from the review before making the review active. To publish the review you must change its status to Active.
      • Active: The review will appear on the Product Page.
      • Disabled: The review will not appear on the Product Page.
    • Score: The score the reviewer gave the purchased item.

    • Title: The Title of the Review. This will appear on the Product Page.

    • Comment: The comment of the review. This will appear on the Product Page. We recommend scrubbing this for profanities and links to external websites.

    • City: The reviewer's city.

    • State: The reviewer's state.

    • First Name: The reviewer's first name.

    • Email Address: The reviewer's email address. This field will not appear on the Product Page.

  5. Click Save.

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