Create a Content Page


The Content page tool allows you to simply and easily create Content pages for both informational and marketing purposes.

To create a Content page follow the steps below:

  1. From the dashboard click Content.

  2. Then click Content Editor.

    The Content page displays.

  3. To add new content click New Item.

  4. Enter the Content:

    • Title: Enter the name of your content page (eg. Holiday Shipping Deadlines).
    • Type:

      • Document - Allows you to use the WYSIWIG editor to design your content page.
      • HTML - Copy/Paste HTML into the Content box.
    • Content: Enter the content.
    • Meta Title: This is the meta-tag page title - useful for SEO.
    • Meta Keywords: Enter the meta keywords.
    • Meta Description: The meta-tag description.
    • Slug: (URL) - you can customize the slug or URL.
    • Publish: If checked then your content page will be active.
    • Custom Fields: Custom Fields will display here (if applicable).
  5. Click Save.

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  • Using the Template Editor You can also use the Template Editor to upload a file to your website. This is useful if you want to upload a .txt file to your root directory. Note: you must save your file as a .twig file for it to render, eg. If you're uploading a file then we recommend saving it as a .twig file, eg. readme.txt --> readme.txt.twig.
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