Activate / Disable a Theme in My Themes


The Installed Themes page allows you to manage your active and pending site Themes. You can customize any/all designs to meet your brand's needs (including shopping cart and checkout pages).

To setup or edit your store themes follow the steps below:

  1. From the Acenda dashboard click Themes.

  2. Then click Installed Themes.

    The Templates page displays.

    Here you will see your installed themes. You can upload files to the currently selected path by clicking the ‘Upload’ button below or create a new file or folder by clicking the ‘New’ button.

    Click the current theme (“Mia” in this case) to view its contents.

    You can reset the theme to the most recently approved version by clicking the ‘Reset Theme’ button below.

    Click on each folder to view its contents. Clicking on a file will bring it up its twig template to the right, where you can make any changes you wish.

    Clicking additional files will create a new tab above the twig template which allows you to switch back and forth between files.

    You can rename, move, or delete files once they are clicked with the respectively named buttons below the file directory.

Inserting a Widget

  1. To insert a widget, click the spot in the twig template where you wish to insert it and use the dropdown menus to select a widget and revision and then click ‘Insert Widget’.

    To show changes to a file, click ‘show diffs’ in the bottom right corner. You can also reload the file to its most recent saved version or download it.

  2. When you are done editing the file, click Save.

    Before deploying your changes, you can preview them by clicking the ‘Preview’ button. Once you are ready to deploy, click ‘Deploy’ and your changes will be uploaded to the site.

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