Sales Tax


As part of your store setup you will need to create Sales Tax rules. Acenda supports international Sales Tax and VAT.

To create or modify your Sales Tax rules follow the steps below:

  1. From the dashboard click Payments.

  2. Then click Sales Tax.

    The Sales Tax page displays.

    Add New Tax Rule:

  3. Click New Item.

    The Add Tax Rule form displays.

  4. Enter the Tax Information:

    • Country: Select the country you wish to set the tax rate(s) for.
    • Default tax management: Click on the "Do not charge taxes in that country" button if you wish to clear the value in the "Default tax rate in the country" field.
    • Default tax rate in the country: Default value used when tax cannot be calculated by zip code or state/region. Typically this is left as 0.
    • Does it tax on shipping?: Select Yes if you wish to charge sales tax on the shopping cart shipping value.
    • Does tax depend on nexuses?: Select Yes if you want Acenda to reference your taxable Locations for which states/locations taxes will apply.
    • Base Taxes: This section only appears for countries that have regions, eg. France.

Manage Tax Nexus

  1. Click Manage my Tax Nexus.

    The Location page displays.

  2. Click New Item.

    The location settings form displays.

  3. Complete the form with the location information of your Nexus and be sure to select the checkbox for the Tax Nexus option.

  4. Click Save.

Setup Tax Override (Optional)

  1. From the dashboard click Payments.

  2. Then click Sales Tax.

    The Sales Tax page displays.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Select "No" next below the Does tax depends on nexuses? option.

    Then configure Update tax to default country rules.

  5. Select the dropdown in the Tax Rule Column.

  6. Enter Tax Override rates for a specific area.

  7. Click Save.

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